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Age/Safety Rules
We have a minimum age requirement of 12 years old. Paintball is an extremely safe sport, as long as players follow the simple safety guidelines. This is why we have referees supervising the games, and why we strictly enforce our safety rules. Your safety is our priority; on breach of any rules, we have full rights to disallow any individual with or without any warnings from participating further and in future.

What to wear:
Wear any normal outdoor clothing and comfortable outdoor shoes. We highly recommend you get a bandana or some headgear that will prevent sweating and fogging issues. Long pants are recommended. The paintball marks on your clothes will wash out easily.

Rental Equipment:
Our standard rental paint-guns(markers) are high-quality Tippmann semiautomatics. Other equipment like protection jersey, goggles with full-face shields, barrel safety socks, loaders will also be provided.


Age/Safety Rules:
Anyone can play this sport. It will be a self governed play and hence no referee would be provided. Make your own rules and play this fast action packed football game.

What to wear:
Anything comfortable to play the game of football will do. If using spikes/studs as footwear, every player needs to wear shin pad/guards.

Rental Equipment:
An official sized football will be provided for your play. You could get your own choice of ball too.

Shooting Range

Age/Safety Rules:
Ages 5+ can participate in Rifle Shooting, Archery and Paintball Shooting. Younger guests can ask for assisted participation.

What to wear:

Rental Equipment:
Expect high quality equipment, which undergo regular periodic maintenance. You also have option of upgrading the standard equipment to professional equipment as used by many professionals.